Is Lung Cancer Curable Answers

Almay kinetin skin Care the answer of Growing old Progress; Moffit Cancer Center My dad is having stage4 lung cancer identified on 10th august 2011 he had 2 chemotherapy with intervals of 21 days now his total blood count has come down to 3250. If it is detected in early stage and treatment protocol is followed at earliest,patient can live more than five years. Everything you need to know about is lung cancer curable, including the most common causes. ChaCha Answer: Lung cancer can be cured, depending on the stage and type. Nothing, you’re done. lung carcinoma cancer is spread into the adrenal gland and brain.can siddha can cure this type of cancer? all cancers have the possibillity of being cured, depending how early on its caught among other factors Top questions and answers about Is Lung Cancer Curable.

There are a number of treatment options available, including surgery, chemo, and different kinds of radiation treatments. Surgical removal,chemotherapy and radiotherapy are treatment options. Surgical removal,chemotherapy and radiotherapy are treatment options.
Best Answer: Yes, if it's caught soon enough

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